Tuesday, March 3

How to Save $250,000 by Migrating to the Cloud

How much time and money do you spend on your infrastructure to keep your apps and other systems running? Do you have under-utilized servers? Do you have system administrators on staff that are only required in emergencies or when something needs changing? Moving your systems into the cloud can drastically reduce inefficiencies and the cost of running your infrastructure.

Zoopla, a UK based real estate site, saved £200,000 pounds (approx. $260,000 USD) in its first year of operations by using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Using AWS meant no data centers, no sys admins, no network equipment, etc.
“We learned that even with a decent-sized systems team that maintaining your own hardware platform is a time-sink and to do so within a tight budget can result in big constraints on responsiveness & flexibility,” Kain (co-founder) comments.
True, true.
“The cycle of procuring and installing servers or upgrades can be a distraction, especially when you’re busy trying to make the company grow,” says Kain. “It’s very difficult to anticipate hardware demand under those circumstances, and the cycle of negotiating discounts, ordering, waiting for delivery, installing/configuring software, scheduling data-centre time to install the physical hardware – it’s a drain on a growing start-up with tightly-controlled costs. And that’s just server growth – unanticipated hardware failures can have a terrible impact on productivity.”
If this sounds familiar, you need to talk to us. We will make you as happy and stress free as Zoopla, and then some. Remember, we stay up all night so you don't have to.


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